Uchronya, the science fiction MMORPG
Uchronya was a browser-based MMORPG taking place in an uchronic reality, where history has unraveled in a different way than in our world.

Four factions were fighting over earth, and each of them had started a colony on a newly found planet which had ressources that would give a definite advantage to the faction seizing control of the planet.

You started the game as a citizen of one of the four factions, and from there you could evolve and work on many aspects:
• Train tenaciously to become stronger or faster
• Be career-orientated and try to reach the top levels in a career of your choice, such as a doctor, politician, secret agent…
• Build and own many kinds of buildings

You could be:
• A scientist, trying to improve the technological edge of his / her faction
• An architect, planning and constructing elaborate buildings to a very high standard of quality
• A farmer, living a simple life as a proud family member, far from the faction capital city
• A mayor, handling the administrative challenges of a whole colony

Co-Founder & Game Designer

• Project management.
• Game design.
• Story writing.
• Art direction.

Uchronya, the science fiction MMORPG

Uchronya, the science fiction MMORPG

Software Development