Jacqueline Washington

Problem Statement

With the stark number of gender based violence cases, law enforcement and survivors alike are repeatedly warning women not to travel alone. Yet to date, we do not have a way to encourage women to travel safely in numbers. Nor do we have a time sensitive viral marketing strategy that delivers valuable information where it really matters.


LadiesSafe is a unique social safety app designed for the diverse range of female communities. Through a combination of real time strategies and concepts, our mission is to encourage all women to lean more on one another for their personal safety needs.

Use Cases

  • Imagine you are planning on attending a party but concerned about catching a taxi or bus alone. You select ‘find a travel friend’ and send a group message to your private circle.
  • Imagine you are heading out on a date or meeting and you would like a friend to know where you’re going and when you’re expected back. You log in and input your details. If you don’t return as expected, your circle of friends are immediately notified.
  • Imagine you’ve just been harassed by a taxi driver. You select ‘group message’ and send a warning message to your private circle. The viral marketing strategy will ensure that this information is rapidly distributed across your city to the wide range of female communities.
  • LadiesSafe also promotes social justice by enabling women to inform their network on missing friends/family in addition to assisting police with relevant public appeals.


  • Mobile Consultant + UX Design
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“Teddy was a breath of fresh air. Clear and concise communication, throughout, explained everything each step of the way. His professionalism, reliability and honesty was the best I have experienced yet. Teddy delivered a high standard of work. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”

Jacqueline Washington – Ladies Safe