Kai’s Sanctuary

Kai’s Sanctuary


Explore the Sanctuary.

Discover the pioneering mindfulness, relaxation and sleep app for children.


  • Interactive, story-driven adventure that helps children explore mindfulness, meditation and yoga
  • Kids learn deep breathing – improving their skills over time – to guide their little creature along the river. They collect plankton and other marine life along the way  – and even unlock new swimmers!
  • As they take a closer look at how their guardian might be feeling in mind, body and spirit, children complete a body scan meditation – developing empathy and body awareness at the same time.
  • Pick your very own moves or follow Tala in her yoga class. From standing as still as a mountain to finding their inner warrior, children can begin their practice here!
  • Earn everything from cards to treats for your guardians. Help them stay healthy in mind, body and spirit (and learn a bit about how you can too) in the Sanctuary garden.




  • Consultant.
  • Contractor.
  • Phases involved in: Pre-production, Production


“Teddy has been an incredible asset as a consultant to our development team. He has been instrumental in providing rigorous code reviews and recommendations for mobile optimisation and best practices. We’ve found him to be a consummate professional with a breadth of experience in the field; and are very pleased to recommend him to others who are looking for a knowledgeable software development expert.”

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