“Teddy has been an incredible asset as a consultant to our development team. He has been instrumental in providing rigorous code reviews and recommendations for mobile optimisation and best practices. We’ve found him to be a consummate professional with a breadth of experience in the field; and are very pleased to recommend him to others who are looking for a knowledgeable software development expert.”

Shivani LambaBrightlobe

Excellent project lead and easy to work with. Teddy and I worked together for nearly a year at the UBS IB Innovation Lab piloting a business-driven solution. From business insights and technical expertise to managing an agile team, his contribution as the project lead was instrumental. I’m sure that Teddy will be a key asset to any project in the future.

Shuai Zeng – UBS

“Teddy was very efficient and extremely proactive when we worked together at King. He was always taking ownership on tasks – including difficult technical tasks that he was able to deliver quickly – organized events like an external gamejam, or got involved in a game jury. He was a great teammate and a pleasure to work with.”

Martin PapanekKing

“Teddy was a pleasure to work with. Always offered a fresh perspective to solving problems as a team. Teddy was particularly good at developing new products and innovative solutions, at the same time as leading multi-disciplinary project teams.”

Tom HodsonUBS

“We don’t usually use freelance programmers, but now I’m really happy we have. Teddy started by helping us with the game design, not only what was possible but lots of excellent  ideas and suggestions, most of which have made it into the final game! He has shown me that you can have an in-office feel from a freelancer.”

Damien Cerri – Beatnik Games

“Teddy was a breath of fresh air. Clear and concise communication, throughout, explained everything each step of the way. His professionalism, reliability and honesty was the best I have experienced yet. Teddy delivered a high standard of work. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”

Jacqueline Washington – Ladies Safe

“I worked several times with Teddy in difficult missions : bugs correction in php and mysql5. Teddy was surprisingly efficient, creative, expert in finding solutions, with a very fine communication. I recommend him as an excellent expert.”

Brigitte EradesIMFA

Great Project and Technical Manager. Has the necessary technical expertise to be an hands-on manager, and is able to do very well in all traditional project management tasks while keeping stakeholders completely satisfied with the project results.

Karim Abdelwahab – Kaffak Technology

“Teddy is an open and fast thinking person. He has the ability to mix new technologies and ideas and to carefully study publications and previous work if needed. It was a pleasure to work with such a brilliant man.”

Florian Le GoffXooloo

“Teddy has shown a great ability to grasp new concepts on the fly which combined with his total involvement made for excellent results. Good work and very good relational skills, a pleasure to work with.”

Christophe RenardXooloo

“Great end-to-end Project Manager. From customer ideas, create functional then technical specifications, provide task estimates due to extensive technical expertise, assign / schedule tasks and manage quality and project scope / tracking. Also provides some development management by ensuring technical best practices. Excellent dealing with conflicts and getting solutions for problems.”

Telmo Cardoso – Black Ice Creations