The Hunt For Red Rabbit

The Hunt For Red Rabbit - Poster

The Hunt For Red Rabbit is an experimental game project made in the context of the King Game Jam 2015.

The team was composed of 5 members, including myself: 3 developers, 1 game designer, 1 graphic designer.

You are a rabbit member of the Red Bunnies Federation. Your job is to keep the gate of the federation warren closed at all times so that the enemies cannot infiltrate the warren. To keep the gate closed, you have to enter the code.

The rest is up to you.

• Rabbits
• Branching story
• Social Behaviour Psychology
• Russian Music

The Hunt For Red Rabbit - In-game screenshot

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• Juan Ma Fernandez – Game Design, Story
• Irene Membrives – Graphic Design, Game Design
• Martin Papanek – Development, Game Design
• Victor Alcazar – Development, Game Design
Teddy Engel – Development, Game Design, Sound Design

Software Development