Mobile Consulting

Mobile Consulting

I can be involved in the creation of your dream mobile application as a consultant to provide technical / project / product advice, either on an ad-hoc or retainer basis.

Next Steps

  • Free Consultation (30min): To have an initial chat and discuss your requirements
  • Consultation (~1h to 3h): To deliver the consultation based on your requirements

Experience / Clients

Teddy was a Lead Developer for King, a world-leading mobile games studio.
Teddy did contract work for SlimEazy.
Teddy did contract work for LadiesSafe.

Portfolio Spotlight


Excellent project lead and easy to work with. Teddy and I worked together for nearly a year at the UBS IB Innovation Lab piloting a business-driven solution. From business insights and technical expertise to managing an agile team, his contribution as the project lead was instrumental. I’m sure that Teddy will be a key asset to any project in the future.

Shuai Zeng – UBS

“Teddy was a pleasure to work with. Always offered a fresh perspective to solving problems as a team. Teddy was particularly good at developing new products and innovative solutions, at the same time as leading multi-disciplinary project teams.”

Tom HodsonUBS

“Teddy was very efficient and extremely proactive when we worked together at King. He was always taking ownership on tasks – including difficult technical tasks that he was able to deliver quickly – organized events like an external gamejam, or got involved in a game jury. He was a great teammate and a pleasure to work with.”

Martin PapanekKing

“Teddy was a breath of fresh air. Clear and concise communication, throughout, explained everything each step of the way. His professionalism, reliability and honesty was the best I have experienced yet. Teddy delivered a high standard of work. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”

Jacqueline Washington – Ladies Safe

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