Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run

Featuring an unique art style, compelling music and a fast and intense gameplay, Run Ninja Run is a thrilling endless runner available on iOS and Android.

You are a renegade ninja escaping from one of your contract missions.

Jump between platforms, avoid the arrows, gather all gems and run towards freedom !


  • Unlimited platforms, arrows and gems
  • Fast gameplay: Do a speedy run in less than one minute
  • Unlockables: 6 unique ninja suits with special powers
  • 3 kind of gems: Discover the legendary orange gem.
  • Gem Combos: Gather many gems in a row to increase the value of all gems collected !
  • Gamecenter: Play with your friends and challenge them in 2 different leaderboards
  • Be social: Share your progress on Twitter
  • Achievements: 43 unique achievements to unlock. Become a rocketeer, tycoon or model ninja !
  • Uplifting music
  • Cartoonish art style and animations


  • Owner, Producer, Game Designer, and Developer
  • Phases involved in: Prototyping, Pre-Production, Production