Web Production

Web Production

I can be involved in the production of your dream website as a producer, which involves creating the website vision, developing a roadmap, maintaining a backlog of features and hiring / managing a multi-disciplinary team to bring the website to production.

This service is more likely to be needed if you are looking at a large-scale web project.

Next Steps

  • Free Consultation (30min): To have an initial chat and discuss your high-level requirements / vision for the website.
  • Kick-off meeting (~2h): To see what inputs are required from you before prototyping can start
  • Prototyping (~1 week to 3 months): Validating your website ideas with a prototype
  • Production (~1 week to 2 years): Creating the website ready to go into production and be released to the world

Experience / Clients

Teddy did contract work for Black Ice Creations
Teddy did contract work for Kaffak Technology

Portfolio Spotlight


Excellent project lead and easy to work with. Teddy and I worked together for nearly a year at the UBS IB Innovation Lab piloting a business-driven solution. From business insights and technical expertise to managing an agile team, his contribution as the project lead was instrumental. I’m sure that Teddy will be a key asset to any project in the future.

Shuai Zeng – UBS

“Teddy is a strong IT skilled person passionate about his work. To add-up to his excellent work, he likes to stress on the details, therefore his deliveries usually exceed the expectations set in the initial phases of the projects. Teddy, is definitely a key element in a team as he is also able to engage a team to produce to its best with his motivating team leading skills.”

Erwan Bodescot – Plug & Source

“Great end-to-end Project Manager. From customer ideas, create functional then technical specifications, provide task estimates due to extensive technical expertise, assign / schedule tasks and manage quality and project scope / tracking. Also provides some development management by ensuring technical best practices. Excellent dealing with conflicts and getting solutions for problems.”

Telmo Cardoso – Black Ice Creations

Great Project and Technical Manager. Has the necessary technical expertise to be an hands-on manager, and is able to do very well in all traditional project management tasks while keeping stakeholders completely satisfied with the project results.

Karim Abdelwahab – Kaffak Technology

Are you ready to discuss your project?

Please share some details to make the initial consultation more helpful for you.

    We need to build / modify a gameWe need to build / modify a VR / AR solutionWe need to build / modify a mobile applicationWe need strategic help / consultingWe need someone to assemble a teamWe need something elseWe don't know what we need. Let's talk!

    If it’s easier, you can also send me an email at contact@engelteddy.com