Game Production

Game Production

I can be involved in the production of your dream game as a producer, which involves creating the game vision, developing a roadmap, maintaining a backlog of game features and hiring / managing a multi-disciplinary team to bring the game to production.

Next Steps

  • Free Consultation (30min): To have an initial chat and discuss your high-level requirements / vision for the game.
  • Kick-off meeting (~2h): To see what inputs are required from you before prototyping can start
  • Prototyping (~1 week to 3 months): Validating your game ideas with a prototype
  • Pre-Production (~1 week to 2 months): Creating the tools / infrastructure needed to support the game production
  • Production (~1 week to 2 years): Creating the game ready to go into production on the platform(s) of your choice

Experience / Clients

Teddy was a Lead Developer for King, a world-leading mobile games studio.
beatnik games
Teddy did contract work for Beatnik Games.
Teddy did contract work for BrightLobe.

Portfolio Spotlight


Excellent project lead and easy to work with. Teddy and I worked together for nearly a year at the UBS IB Innovation Lab piloting a business-driven solution. From business insights and technical expertise to managing an agile team, his contribution as the project lead was instrumental. I’m sure that Teddy will be a key asset to any project in the future.

Shuai Zeng – UBS

“Teddy was a pleasure to work with. Always offered a fresh perspective to solving problems as a team. Teddy was particularly good at developing new products and innovative solutions, at the same time as leading multi-disciplinary project teams.”

Tom HodsonUBS

“Teddy was very efficient and extremely proactive when we worked together at King. He was always taking ownership on tasks – including difficult technical tasks that he was able to deliver quickly – organized events like an external gamejam, or got involved in a game jury. He was a great teammate and a pleasure to work with.”

Martin PapanekKing

“Teddy was a breath of fresh air. Clear and concise communication, throughout, explained everything each step of the way. His professionalism, reliability and honesty was the best I have experienced yet. Teddy delivered a high standard of work. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”

Jacqueline Washington – Ladies Safe

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